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Bastien is a highly motivated designer with a passion for the sector. I got to know him first as an enthusiastic student at the Interactive Multimedia Design course. Bastien only started his study career at our program in the second semester. As a result, he missed some of the basic information, but by being proactive, he immediately caught up. By looking for tutorials himself, carrying out desk research, asking for feedback, experimenting and iterating, he made a good impression.

He continued that trend in the next semesters. He sees every assignment as a challenge to get the best out of himself. No grumbling, no excuses - just work hard and process feedback well. His results therefore show consistent quality. Bastien also sets a good example in a team context. He brings his own ideas to the brainstorming table, but also leaves room for the input of others in order to arrive at the most suitable solution.

His energy in a team is contagious and also motivates others to go the extra mile. Bastien rarely sits still. He also asks for advice on his freelance projects on a regular basis in order to learn and grow. In his agency he shows a professional approach where customer focus is paramount.

Bastien is now freelancing. His human skills and passion for design come together nicely here. A positive open mindset, endless diligence and love for the profession make him a full-fledged digital designer who produces strong designs. This makes him an asset to any creative design team that needs a young professional.
- Linde Van Eijnde
Teacher Visual branding and Creation and coach Designosource
Bastien is a young designer with creative ideas and a lot of energy. He is always welcome in our marketing department to start.
- Glenn Roggeman
CEO en founder AED Group

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