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I designed the brand identity of batenn, a company in Antwerp that will provide creative technical support for events. Batenn is a company started by Niels Baten, a talented lighting technician with the ambition to grow his company into a strong organization that can be used for all kinds of events. Via the link you can view the brand guidelines that were drawn up.

batenn logo en brand book
batenn brand book
batenn slogan so spot onn
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The logo icon shows rays of light, which symbolize the light shows that batenn creates at stage events. The icon is also an abstraction of a capital letter "N", which plays an important role in the brand identity. The slogan we came up with "So spot onn." is a pun with a double meaning. On the one hand the statement means that something is completely perfect and on the other hand "spot on" can also be taken literally as "lights on". This is because batenn specializes in lighting technology for events. Words ending with an "N" are often doubled as a nod to the brand name.

lichttafel met lockscreen batenn
lichttafel close-up met logo batenn
logo batenn en vrachtwagen
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"Bastien was always very clear about deadlines and deliverables throughout the process thanks to his structured project management. I asked for a contemporary and mature black and white style and that's exactly what I got. The design exceeded my expectations."
Niels Baten
layoutsysteem batenn
flightcases en printtoepassingen batenn
instagrampost batenn
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If you omit the logo on a layout, the brand remains recognizable thanks to the layout system. This way you can publish images and application without having to put a logo everywhere.

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