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Ninja Ninja
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NinjaNinja is an IT consultancy specializing in web, cross-platform and AI development. The company was started by 2 young entrepreneurs. Innovative technologies with ambitious developers, that was clear. Our challenge was to create a creative and memorable brand story that highlighted the company's efficient operation and informal culture.

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We chose the name NinjaNinja. This stands as a metaphor for the 2 developers who bundle their skills together. The mysterious theme appeals to the imagination. It also allowed us to get creative with the copywriting of NinjaNinja. We use sharp lines, reminiscent of the sword cuts of the ninjas, as recognizable elements and we extend them throughout the brand identity.

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Bastien gave us perspectives we would never have thought of ourselves. He sought and found inventive solutions to build a brand identity that suits us.
Co-founder NinjaNinja
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We create a unique look using sharp fonts and halftone effects on images. These are used on all communication materials. We designed an inspiring identity that helps NinjaNinja differentiate itself from its competition.

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